Self-Examination & Traveling

“What we need is sincere self-examination. Not being on the watch for the fault of others.”-Elif Shafak by the ways of Shams of Tabrizi

I am not going to divulge in what led me to trek back to my self-examination journey again, but what I will say is I feel renewed.  I had been finding myself in dark corners lately.  Life changes hit me all at once and my emotional well-being took a hit.

What does one do when things seem to be crashing on them?

One should:


think it through

act with compassion

Simple, eh?  I needed to remind myself of this strategy.  I needed to walk back to the road of enlightenment, a path of self examination.  Purely self examination.  No one else matters.  Not my partner.  Not my family.  Not my friends.  Not the world.  Just me.

It is hard work, I tell you.  To constantly have to stop and think.  And of course, re-direct the narrative in my head to only focus on myself.  But I am here again.  Shams, I am here with you, again!

I forget how much solo traveling has shaped my being.  I spent years alone, at home and on the road.  There was so much time and space for reflection and self-improvement.  That is what I will need to learn to carve out time and space for… self-love!

Our passports have been collecting dust for a few years now and it is time to take them on the road.  Us, Nguyen-Neumanns, are headed for Iceland!  I am beyond excited to be planning excursions and experiences for our family.

O will definitely turn 1 in a very epic way.

Istanbul, July 2013

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