Expanding Our Empire

We have achieved a lot in our short 2.5 years together as a couple: getting married, having a kid, and buying our little urban farm house, all on meager incomes.  Our sheer determination of living small, consuming very little, and saving up all of our extra cash has paid off.  We somehow scraped together enough money to afford the life we have right now.  Sure, our house is not completely renovated; our cars are shit; our clothes are out of fashion.  But our happiness and quality of life are shining brightly.

The hardest part of being newlyweds has been overcome and the darkest hours of being new parents are over.  Now, we are just sitting back, relaxing, and enjoying our hard work.  The micro-farm is blowing up; the mini-orchard is up and going; the chicken coop is functioning (although the chickens are giving out less eggs due to the hot weather;)  I am adjusting well to working while being a full-time mom; E got the hang of being a full-time dad.

Things are flowing smoothly over here at the Nguyen-Neumanns.  We couldn’t ask for a better life.  So…

…it is time to expand our empire, as my sister, Trinh likes to say.

More news coming soon, but for now, we are excited at the new possibilities.  When I was single, living the hipster, single life, I thought the a trip around the world was the epitome of the good adventure.  And it was.  It still is.  However, my definition of adventure and excitement has evolved with O in the picture.  The future and the possibilities that it will bring is an adventure for us.

They say that those who can plan for the future (but not get stuck in it) are those who live the happiest of lives.  Sure, living in the moment brings peace.  But what if we all can live in the moment, while also looking and planning for the future?

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