Living the Dream of Being Active Parents

When we were single and talked about having our own family, we had such absolute vision of what it would look like: we would be the same people, doing the same spontaneous and exciting things, but with a child in tow.

Yeah… that dream got squashed when we took our trip to Idyllwild for my birthday celebration.  We have been doing a lot of reflecting; within weeks, we implemented a schedule for O, albeit a loose one.  No more are the days when we strapped our baby into the car seat and spontaneously take him to the beach.  Strolling must be within a playing or napping window because we do not want to mess with his eating schedule.

Things are getting better.

In two weeks, we will be put to another test, as we are headed for Colorado for a five-day adventure; it will be our first flight as a family!

garden of the gods
photo credit:

Here are our plans for the trip:

  • Stay with my sister’s family in Colorado Springs
  • Have lunch with E’s half brother’s family
  • Visit my former colleague in Denver; she just gave birth a couple of months ago!
  • Hike Garden of the Gods
  • Attempt the Manitou Incline
  • Visit Cave of the Winds

To prepare, I have established an exhaustive packing for O separately and for E and I, as a unit.  We purchased Deuter Kid Comfort child carrier to include O on our hiking adventures.  I am not sure how the flight will be for O; however, it is a shorter flight and we are hoping nobody booked the seat next to O so we can secure his car seat there.  He loves sleeping in his car seat!

Wish us luck!

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